Fall 2022 Specials


Every season you can get Specials on our hand-picked services. 

After a fun season in the sun, it's time to retreat a bit to repair and rejuvenate our skin.  It's time for skin peels, microneedling with vampire facials.... and we also have microchanneling with stem cell growth factors for skin rejuvenation!

We are also getting some really nice results with the microchanneling for Hair Loss restoration with Procell (see below).  This will help for both male and female hair loss because it uses stem cell growth factors, independent of your hormone status.

Some of the older specials from the summer are still available.


Here is the full list of our Autumn Specials:


1 session for $299 (Limit 1) (Reg. $350)
Buy 3 sessions for $849 (Limit 1) (Reg. $1,050) 

Vampire Facial

Microneedling with Platelet-Rich-Plasma (PRP) treatment.

1 session for $449 (Reg. $1,000)

3 sessions for $1249 (Limit 1) (Reg. $3,000) 

Hair Loss Restoration via Microchanneling

Actual Client Results After Just 2 Sessions with ProCell Stem Cell Growth Factors

  • 1 session for $549 (Reg. $650)
  • 3 sessions for $1149 (Reg. $1,950) 
  • 5 sessions $1,449 (Reg. $3,250)


Skin Rejuvenation Microchanneling


With ProCell Stem Cell Growth Factors

  • Face or Neck (1 session - $349)
  • Face or Neck (3 sessions $949)
  • Face and Neck (1 session - $449) 
  • Face and Neck (3 session - $1,149) 


Burn Body Fat, Tighten Skin, and Tone Muscles with InMode TRIM, TITE or TONE

6 sessions of $800
(Regular $1,800)
Must stick to one area (abdomen, thighs, buttocks, or upper arms)

Teeth Whitening

60 minute session for $99 (Limit 2) (Reg. $189) 

Eyelash Lift and Tint

1 session for $89 (Reg. $100)
3 sessions for $199 (Reg. $300)

Laser Hair Removal

  • 4 sessions to the upper lip, armpits, or chin for $249 (Reg. $800)
  • 4 sessions to the partial bikini, partial leg, chest, or back or full face for $449 (Reg. $1,600)
  • 4 sessions to the full bikini for $649

Nurse SPECIALS for $149!

Sun Spot Removal on Hands/Face (max 2),
Skin Tags (max 10),
Spider Veins (one area),
Red Moles (max 10),
Milia Cysts (face),
Glycolic Peel (medical grade 70%)
Broken Capillaries on Nose, Cheeks, or Chin 

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Prices Value Through November 30th, 2022, While Supplies Last.