Reduce Visceral Fat with Lipo-C Injections

"I have am through with this Diet and Exercise routine.  My arms and legs have slimmed down but my belly is still big.  What Gives?"


If your arms and legs are not large, but your abdomen is still huge, you might be dealing with visceral or intra-abdominal fat.  This is the case if your doctor has ever told you that you have fatty liver, or if you got overweight from enjoying too many alcoholic drinks.


What Do Visceral or Intra-abdominal Fat Look Like?


This is the fat that has been deposited inside your abdomen, all around your intestines, causing fatty liver, diabetes, and other health problems.  If your abdomen is always distended, likely you have built up a large amount of visceral fat.

This fat is very stubborn and hard to get rid of because you cannot exercise the muscles around this fat to get it to burn!

You will need some special weapons to target this fat.  Lipo-C injections provide your body with extra stimulants to target burning that stubborn intra-abdominal fat. These vitamins have also been shown to reduce fatty liver, and reduce abdominal bloating. As it burns off the fat, it will also release energy to help reduce fatigue and enhance any exercise regimen you have. 


What is in the Lipo-C injections?

  • Methionine:  Without enough methionine, you can develop fatty liver and body edema. 
  • Choline: This essential nutrient may be able to reduce fatty liver and abdominal fat buildup.
  • Inositol: Helps clean the liver of unwanted fat buildup. It immobilizes stored fat so that body tissues can use it for energy instead. It also reduces cholesterol levels.
  • Carnitine: helps metabolize abdominal fat storage to release energy so it helps fight fatigue as well.


How Often Can I Get A Lipo-C injection?

 Most people get about 1 injection per week to help them boost their metabolism while they exercise to burn off the fat.  But you can get it as often as 2 times per week if you don't have side effects (feeling jittery).

 How Much Do Lipo-C Injections Cost?

We charge $75 per injections, which will be done on-site at Allure Aesthetics.  There are no other charges if you only need to come in to get the injections.  If you want to know about other ways to slim down using medications and procedures, we can also do a Non-Surgical Weight Loss consult.  Please ask the front desk about it if you are interested.

As we come out of the cold weather, just in time to slim down and step out of our winter clothes, we have a Lipo-C package that brings to cost down to less than $30/ injection.

You Get 8 Lipo-C Injections

That's 8 Injections

For Only $280

(Regular $600)


Eight injections are enough for 1 month supply if you want to be super aggressive and get 2 injections per week.

Or you can space it out to be 1 injection per week and have it last 2 months instead, up to you.

Why It's A Good Idea To Add Lipo-C To Your Regimen

Remember, these injections target your visceral fat, that may be cause of your distended abdomen.  As you build up fat around your intestines and liver over the years, the fat content also causes your abdominal organs to retain water, further increasing the distension.

And you don't have any voluntary muscles around these organs to actively work out and burn that fat!  You only have involuntary muscles that help you digest.  That's why you need these 4 Fat-Burning enzymes (inositol, carnitine, methionine, choline) that target those very intra-abdominal organs to get them to finally mobilize that fat.

Releasing that fat will also release energy, which will help reduce fatigue and enhance your exercising efforts.  So it is best to get these Lipo-C injections while your doing a low-fat, low-carbs diet and continuing on your exercising routine.



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