PicoGenesis FX Laser by Cutera

PicoGenesis FX Laser 

Made by Cutera


Advanced Treatment For

Scar reduction
Improve Skin Texture
Reduce Poor Size
Skin Rejuvenation
Complete Tattoo Removal




    What is PICO Genesis FX?

    PICO Genesis FX is a skin revitalization treatment designed to address skin imperfections and combat the signs of aging.  From textural concerns to acne scarring, PICO Genesis FX offers a save and effective treatment to restore your skin's youthful appearance.

    How Does the Treatment Work?

    PICO Genesis FX delivers ultra-short fractionated laser energy to create small, gentle micro-wounds in the upper layers of the skin to induce collage stimulation and remodeling.  With fractionated energy, the majority of the skin remains unharmed, resulting in faster healing time.  With PICO Genesis FX, results can be achieved with a higher safety margin and less downtime than traditional fractional resurfacing treatments.

    What Can I Expect During A Treatment?

    Most patients describe the treatment as feeling like a series of quick, rubber band snaps.  Your provider may offer a topical numbing cream to make you more comfortable during the treatment.

    What Areas Can Be Treated?

    PICO Genesis FX treatments are ideal for the face, neck and other areas of the body with noticeable signs of aging, scarring, and textural imperfections.  

    How Many Treatments Are Required?

    The number of recommended treatments will vary based on the concern being treated.  While some patients will see results after a single treatment, most need a series of two to three treatments for best results.  Results will continue to improve over time with best results seen at about 3 months following your final treatment.

    What Are The Possible Side Effects? Is There Downtime?

    Following the PICO Genesis FX treatment, your skin will be red for several hours.  Over the next few days, your skin will being the remodeling and repair process, and you may see some darkening of pigment and slight crusting of the treatment area.  Your provider will recommend a plan tailored to your skin concerns and treatment expectations.

    Is PICO Genesis FX Right For Me?

    PICO Genesis FX treatments are ideal for patients of all skin types who are seeking improvement in aging skin, acne scarring and skin tone irregularities and minimal downtime.


    Results You Can Count On:

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    Individual results will vary and skin rejuvenation will take place over the next 3 months. Repeated treatments are possible.



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    We Use the Cutera Enlighten Pico Genesis enhanced with the FX tip


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