Hair Loss Restoration Special

Allure Aesthetics - Bakersfield, CA

(Limited Offer for Winter 2023)

The last 15 years have brought some exciting developments in the hair loss restoration arena.  New technology have been developed that have significantly simplified the process of restoring hair loss in both men and women.  In addition, costs have gone way down from the days when the only option we had were hair transplants.

The average cost of Hair Transplants still stand at $10,000 - $20,000.  These are surgical procedures done by doctors with specialized knowledge, hence the high cost.

Then Hair Loss Restoration using PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) came along. There are non-surgical procedures where we harvest your own growth factors from a blood draw to place at the hair follicles in your scalp along the receding hair line to nourish them to regrow.  These treatments started out at $20,000 when they first came out.  At Allure Aesthetics, our nursing staff have given a full course of treatment (4 sessions) for about $3,200.

Recently we have acquired a new technique that can further bring the cost down to an even more affordable price.  We use Microchanneling to introduce stem cell growth factors directly onto your scalp.  It's a simpler and faster procedure that allows us to bring the price down further.


Here is the early result:

Actual Client Results After Just 2 Sessions with ProCell Stem Cell Growth Factors with Microchanneling

We would love to get more before and after pictures to show everybody how well this new technique works.  So here's the deal.


This Month Only, We're Offering New Clients:

1 Session of Microchanneling Hair Loss Restoration



This will give you a chance to try it and see if like the procedure before you decide if you want to continue with more sessions to get the full treatment (usually 3-5 sessions).

It will also give you a chance to come in and meet the friendly staff at Allure and ask your questions.

We do have a limited number of appointments at this price, so you will have to reserve your spot.  First come first serve until the Special is over.


 Reserve Your Spot for $25 


Once you reserve your spot, you can call us to book your appointment with one of our providers.

What you will get with this offer:

  • Price Guarantee for 1 session of Microchanneling Hair Loss Restoration for $450 (Regular $650)
  • Meet with our doctor or nurse practitioner for a good faith medical exam to be sure you are healthy enough for the procedure.
  • You will get a chance to ask your questions and discuss your options
  • You may get prescriptions for medications to take prior to the procedure should you need any
  • Once you're ready, you can go through the procedure in our medical spa.
  • You will receive after care instructions to minimize your discomfort
  • Then give yourself up to 1 month to see the effects and decide if you want to move forward with more sessions, either pay as you go or purchase a package for more savings.


 Reserve Your Spot for $25 


After you reserve your spot,

call our front desk at (661) 847-9920

to book your appointment


The only thing we ask from you, should you take us up on this deal, is that you allow us to use your Before and After pics in promotions (no face shots).

You help us out with future promotions and we'll help you start on your path to regrow your hair at a lower cost.  If this is okay with you, reserve your spot now before we the handful of clients we need (both men and women), and we'll discontinue the offer.

 Reserve Your Spot for $25 


Allure Aesthetics - Bakersfield, California