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Need to get your teeth whitened quickly for a special occasion?  We can fit you in and get it done quickly.


We use the Laser Teeth Whitening system developed by DaVinci. They are registered with the FDA and use organic all natural ingredients.  You get whiter teeth at a much lower price then at the dental office and without the long wait for appointments.


Individual results vary based on current tooth shade, composition of teeth, and treatment time, and the level of whiteness you wish to achieve. Average shade improvement is 5 to 14 shades lighter.  



If you smoke or drink coffee, your teeth tend to be 5-8 shades more yellow than those who don't smoke or drink coffee.  Also, if you have not had regular dental cleaning, you might have some tartar build up that is staining your teeth. 

Teeth whitening does not replace dental cleaning, you should still see your dentist to get your regular cleaning.  However, teeth whitening can help maintain your healthy teeth appearance in between your dental visits.


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Allure Aesthetics Teeth Whitening 

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Compare to $199 - $299 at the Dental Office

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