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What is Beyond Botox and Fillers?

Updated 2024 by Danh H. Nguyen MD


Like other medi-spas, Allure Aesthetics offers the traditional Botox and Fillers to help you reduce the appearance of wrinkles.  But what if Botox and fillers no longer work their magic? Let me explain.


In The Beginning There Was Botox...

When the FDA approved Botox (1989) to be used for treatment against wrinkles, it was a dream come true.  We now had a tool to fight aging that was actually effective.

Botox are purified toxins injected into your facial muscles near your wrinkles that prevents the muscles from pulling on the skin, causing wrinkles to appear.    More info on our Botox here.    We carry multiple offerings for Botox with various tissue distribution and price range to better customize your treatment for you.

Botox may be the only solution you need in your late 20's and early 30's because your wrinkles are not yet permanent, and only show up when you make your facial expressions.  Freeze those muscles - then you won't see those wrinkles!

Botox at Allure Aesthetics

Botox is great in the beginning when you had to do facial expressions to seeing the wrinkles


Then Wrinkles Became Permanent...

In your late 30's you find that your wrinkles became more permanent.  The fines lines that you only had when you smile, frown, or act surprise became permanent creases that stay even after you relax your face.

middle age skin

Here you can see even with a relaxed expression, the frown lines, crow's feet, and wrinkles below the eyes are still there.  It is at this point that you realized Botox by itself is no longer working, because it is no longer the muscle's fault.  The problem is now excess skin.

When you gained weight during pregnancy the skin got stretched.  Then when you lost the weight he skin is now bunched up into wrinkles.  On top of that you have lost your collagen, hyaluronic acid, and elastin as you aged, so the skin itself has less volume so now there is too much surface area.  So what did we do?

We started making up for the lost volume under the skin by filling them up with fillers.  Fillers are also biological compounds that can also be used to add volume below wrinkles to push up the troughs so the wrinkles disappear, or at least appear less deep.  More info on our Fillers here.

And that's how we managed our wrinkles for decades.  


But Here Are the Problems With Botox and Fillers

Botox limit facial muscle movements, so you do lose some ability to make fully expressive faces, which are what make our conversations livelier!  You lose out on subtle expressions that are cute or flirtatious when given at the right moment.
"My kids can't tell when I am mad now because I can't give them that LOOK."
Botox also gives us the BORED look.botox ruin expressions
The BORED and STOIC look of Botox

Fillers last a few months to years and works great if it is not overdone.  The problem is as you age, your skin gets more wrinkled and you end up getting more fillers.  After age 40, you are losing elastins, so your skin can no longer hold the weight of the fillers, so it starts sagging even more.  The solution they came up with was to add even more fillers on top!  That's how we ended up with the "Pillow Face" that Hollywood has made so famous in recent years
too much fillers can give you pillow face
The PILLOW FACE look of Filler overuse

The problem with excess skin has never been addressed! 
As a doctor, I always treat root of the problem, so this never made sense to me.  The problem is excess skin, but we are injecting toxins to immobilize our muscles hereby eliminating our cute expressions with the bored stoic look! 

The problem is excess skin but we're filling up our faces to make it look obese again so the excess skin has something to lie over flatter.

The only way to treat excess skin back then was to save up for that surgical FACE LIFT that we end up doing after we're 50 because we can't take it anymore.  Can we go wrong with this?

Face lift with eyebrows forever stuck in the SURPRISED POSITION


But Lucky For You, You Now Have the Power to Address the Problem of Excess Skin and Avoid These Problems!

Introducing the Opus Plasma!

The Opus uses plasma energy to sublimate tiny bits of skin to completely remove them without surgery. 

In effect, you can now remove excess skin where you don't want them and allow the remaining skin to contract and lie down flat, instead of being bunched up and a wrinkled.

This technology evolved from the plasma pen, but the Opus is much better and consistent.  Each stamp sends 200 tiny lightning bolts to singe the skin causing it to retract and get smaller.  It is a much cleaner treatment than the plasma pen, resulting in minimal down time and can be used on all skin types.

The Opus penetrates deeper than microneedling, and also resurfaces the skin to help remove scars and keloids.

The Opus also has radiofrequency to help skin rejuvenation by inducing fibroblasts to make more collagen, natural fillers, and elastins to fight the fine lines and skin sag as well.


So Just Which Wrinkles Can You Remove With the Opus?

eye bag wrinkle treatment by Opus Plasma

forehead wrinkle removal by Opus

hand wrinkle removal by Opus Plasma

face cheek wrinkle removal by Opus Plasma

neck wrinkles removal by Opus Plasma

For More Opus Plasma Info, Read Here

You can practically use the Opus to treat excess saggy skin anywhere on your external skin surfaces.  Be sure to call us to see what else the Opus can do for your wrinkles.


Skin Rejuvenation Can Also Reduce Fine Lines and Saggy Skin

Introducing Pico Genesis FX!

What is PICO Genesis FX?

PICO Genesis FX is a skin revitalization treatment designed to address skin imperfections and combat the signs of aging.  From textural concerns to acne scarring, PICO Genesis FX offers a save and effective treatment to restore your skin's youthful appearance.


How Does the PICO Genesis FX Treatment Work?

PICO Genesis FX delivers ultra-short fractionated laser energy to create small, gentle micro-wounds in the upper layers of the skin to induce collage stimulation and remodeling.  With fractionated energy, the majority of the skin remains unharmed, resulting in faster healing time.  With PICO Genesis FX, results can be achieved with a higher safety margin and less downtime than traditional fractional resurfacing treatments.

As your skin makes more collagen, it will get more plump which naturally stretches the skin to pull wrinkles straight naturally, without the need for fillers.

What Areas Can Be Treated?

PICO Genesis FX treatments are ideal for the face, neck and other areas of the body with noticeable signs of aging (fine lines and wrinkles), scarring, and textural imperfections.   


And Last But Important! 

Be Sure to Use The Right Skin Care Products to Protect the skin from daily harm as well as stimulate skin rejuvenation. Our Front Desk staff can help you pick the right ones for you.


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