Non-Surgical Weight Loss

Two-thirds of Americans are overweight and half of those meet criteria for obesity. 

If you're struggling with your weight and are not gaining anymore additional grounds with your diet and exercise routines, there are a few more things Allure Aesthetics can offer you.

Many of our clients who came in for skin care realized their weight is an even bigger problem and asked if we offer anything to help them with weight loss. Below is our recommendations for non-surgical weight loss, simplified.


Start with a Diet that You Can Stick with Long Term

First and foremost for weight loss is of course diet and exercise, but these are  probably the most challenging steps because here you have to make lasting changes to your life-long habits.  Humans are stubborn when it comes to making changes.

I find that most patients fail to lose weight, not because they picked the wrong diet plan, but they fail because they are not persistent.

Almost any of the diet regimen will work as long as you stick to the plan.  The common plans are:

  • low carbs - reduce the carbohydrate's stimulus to store fat
  • low calories - take in less calories than you can burn each day
  • ketogenic - extreme low carbs to burn more fat
  • intermittent fasting - put your body in fasting mode to burn fat for energy
  • Structured meals (Slimfast, Weight Watchers) - packaged meals that take into account calorie and carbohydrate contents for you.

Read up on them and pick a plan that is agreeable with your other medical conditions (i.e. diabetes, high cholesterol)... and pick a plan that you will have no problem sticking to for years to come.  Find a phone app to help you track your progress.  Remember "persistence" is key here.


Exercising To Lose Weight

There is exercising, then there is exercising to "lose weight."  The focus is slightly different, but it is rather very simple.

Once you are on a diet and limiting how much calories you take in each day.  Your next step is "tip the scale and burn off more calories than you consume each day".  Achieve the targeted daily Calorie Deficit, and your body has no choice but to burn the fat to make up the difference to keep you alive.

Here is what studies have shown to work well to lose weight through exercising:

  1. Exercise for at least 45 minutes: working out for less than 30 minutes is only good for maintaining weight, but to lose weight you have to up to 45 minutes.  Aim for 1 hour/day for 5 days a week.  
  2. Do cardio or circuit training: consistent constant movements work better than bursts of exercises with rests in between (which is what you do to build muscles).  
  3. Bring heartrate up to 120 beats per minute and keep it up there the entire time.
  4. Exercise in the morning before eating: The mornings are the best time to exercise to lose weight because you wake up in a fasted state where it is already burning fat.

Once you have a diet and exercise regimen, get going and stick to the plan through rain or shine, holidays, vacations.  It shouldn't matter as long as you pick a plan that you enjoy.

There are still some stubborn areas that might need more help to lose fat that diet and exercising don't target too well.  These are the buttocks and stubborn abdominal fat areas.  There are a few things we can help you with here.


Metabolic Vitamin Injections with Lipo-C to target burning abdominal fat to release energy.

Lipo-C injections provide your body with extra stimulants to target burning that stubborn abdominal fat that is so hard to get rid of from dieting and exercising alone.  These vitamins have also been shown to reduce fatty liver, and reduce abdominal swelling.  You will get:

  • Methionine:  Without enough methionine, you can develop fatty liver and body edema. 
  • Choline: This essential nutrient may be able to reduce fatty liver and abdominal fat buildup.
  • Inositol: Helps clean the liver of unwanted fat buildup. It immobilizes stored fat so that body tissues can use it for energy instead. It also reduces cholesterol levels.
  • Carnitine: helps metabolize abdominal fat storage to release energy so it helps fight fatigue as well.
  • Vitamin B-12 Cyanocobalamin: B12 can be added as it is vital for healthy metabolic function. It also reduces mental stress, and boost energy which enhances your exercise regimen.

You can get up to 2 injections per week at Allure Aesthetics to expedite your abdominal fat reduction while working on your diet and exercise routines.


Body Trimming Sessions To Expedite Getting Your Shape Back

You can safely aim to lose 10-15 lbs per month with your diet and exercise routines.  If you need to get your body shape back faster, you can come in to use  the InMode TRIM  machine.

This machine has 3 modes to help you shape up your body faster:

  • TRIM mode uses ultrasound and electricity to break up subcutaenous fat cells to melt away excess fat and trim off inches off your abdomen, buttocks, thighs, or upper arms.
  • TITE mode is used to tighten loose skin which becomes a bigger problem as you start losing your inches.  This is also very good to do after a pregnancy.
  • TONE mode uses electricity to stimulate the underlying muscles to contract and tone up.  A 25-minute session is equivalent to working out for 2 hours.

It is recommended for you to get 6 sessions of the same mode in each body part to see the best results.  If you buy a subscription, you can come in more regularly and mix and match modes and body parts as you see fit.



Everything we mentioned above, you can do on your own.  Call to order the Lipo-C injections or schedule your sessions with the InMode TRIM machines to target fat burning or skin tightening on your troubled areas.

If you want need more help in deciding where what to do next or go your medical conditions and help you decide what is best for you, considering subscribing to our Comprehensive Non-Surgical Weight Loss Membership where I will personally meet with you to go over your personal options.


Allure Aesthetic's Comprehensive Non-Surgical Weight Loss Membership

You will have access to the things discussed above, plus the following:


Initial consultation with a doctor

On your first visit, you will meet with me to screen your overall health to be sure you are healthy enough to start treatments.  If you have recent labs, we will go over your metabolic profile to help you determine which diet, exercise, and medication regimen will work best for you.


Weight Loss Medications

Every client is different, so the best medication for you to lose weight will be different than your best friend or sister.  On your initial visit, your doctor will go over your metabolic profile to take into account your glucose tolerance, thyroid panel, cholesterol panel, blood pressure, and hormones.  Then we will review the latest weight loss medications and help you choose which ones can help you that is covered by your insurance.  On every visit, the team will observe for medication side effects and we can adjust your medications accordingly.


Diet and Exercise Guidance

Based on your metabolic profiles, we will make suggestions on which diet and exercise plans will work best for you as well.  This will be reviewed with you on your initial visit.  We will also be using an app so you can track your diet and exercise, so that you can share your data with our clinic to get more specific guidance if you choose.

Danh H. Nguyen, MD,
Medical Director
Allure Aesthetics


As members, you also qualify for Discounts on other products/services related to body slimming/ weight loss.

  • Kybella treatment for double chin reduction
  • Qwo treatment to improve the appearance of cellulite
  • Maximizing Metabolic Boost Injections up to 8 injections per month
  • others coming...


    Membership Levels: 

    You choose your membership level depending on how aggressive you want to be.  We can do sessions with you up to 4 times a month.