Solutions For Hair Loss

As we age, our hair will eventually thin until some of us get bald.  Many factors come into play that cause hair loss, including:

  • nutritional malnourishment
  • hormonal changes
  • medication side effects
  • vitamin deficiencies
  • autoimmune/ inflammatory diseases
  • skin infections
  • skin conditions
  • topical side effects

Balding can occur in both men and women.  Underlying medical conditions should be ruled out and treated by your doctor.  But after that, what can we do about our hair loss?  While there are things we can do to try to hide the fact that our hair is thinning, some men just give up and shave their hair off completely.

Here at Allure Aesthetics, we have gathered a handful of the latest medical advances to help you rejuvenate and regrow your own natural hair without any need for expensive surgery.


High-Dose Biotin Injections

Give your hair follicles the vitamin they need to regrow.

Biotin "vitamin H" is a B vitamin complex that is usually in our diet and helps our skin and hair to grow.  You can buy oral Biotin supplements, but the oral supplements are usually only good enough to grow thicker and healthier hair, not to regrow hair follicles that have stopped producing hair shafts.  The Biotin injections are 1000x more potent than the oral supplements and have a much higher chance and reactivating old hair follicles to regrow hair. 


Hair Regrowth Shampoo/ Conditioner/ Aftercare

We Recommend Bosley Revive Hair Treatment Kit

You wash your hair daily, so the easiest way to regrow your hair is to switch shampoo to products that actually stimulate your hair follicles to regrow.  We recommend Bosley Revive Shampoo/ conditioner/ aftercare kit.  All 3 bottles contain DHT blocker that will stop hormone related hair loss associated with aging.  The conditioner is formulated to bring volume back into your thinning hair as well.


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Use Advanced Stem Cell Technology To Regrow Your Hair

Allure Aesthetics use microchanneling technology developed by Procell

Procell microchanneling for hair regrowth to treat balding

 Advances in stem cell research has come to a point where we can harvest growth factors produced by stem cells and use them to wake up our hair follicles.  We use a microchanneling system, which creates channels in the scalp to deliver growth factors produced by stem cells to go beneath the scalp in order to stimulate the your hair follicles to wake up and regrow.


Actually result from just 2 sessions from an Allure client - see how quickly you can get results

PRP Can Also Be Used In Hair Rejuvenation

Your own growth factors can also be collected, concentrated, into protein-rich-plasma, then used to stimulate hair growth.

Yes, the same PRP technology that we use in facial skin rejuvenation and joint injections to help tendons and ligaments to regrow, can also be used to get your hair to regrow.  We do a blood draw at the beginning of the session, then centrifuge to concentrate your own natural growth factors, then place the growth factors into your scalp next to the hair follicles.  The growth factors will stimulate the hair follicles to grow again and produce new hair shafts.  Results can be seen after just 1 treatment!


All of these non-surgical therapies are available to you at Allure Aesthetics.  Be sure to call the office if you have any questions or want to schedule an appointment for consultation.