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How to Treat Your Crow's Feet in Bakersfield


crow's fee treatmentCrow's Feet, also known as "laugh lines" or "lateral canthal lines", are wrinkles that appear at the outer corners of the eyes, stretching towards the temples. 

They are caused by tiny muscles contracting in the outer corner of the eyes as you experience different emotions. The term "crow's feet" comes from the way the lines splay out, similar to a crow's claw or foot.

 At Allure Aesthetics have a variety of options to help you deal with these wrinkle lines that appear as we age. Schedule your consultations with us so we can help you tailor the perfect treatment solution for you.

Traditionally, medi-spas and aesthetic salons offer the Botox and Fillers to help you reduce the appearance of your crow's feet wrinkles.

 How Botox Can Be Used to Treat Your Crow's Feet

Botox are purified biological proteins approved by the FDA to be used on muscles surrounding your wrinkles that will help the skin relax and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. botox injections for crow's feet

Botox works against your crow's feet because your skin is actually attached to your facial muscles and muscle contractions are what allows you to have facial expressions. 

But it is also muscle contractions that cause the skin to fold and wrinkle, and these become more pronounced as you age and your skin begin to get more loose around the corner of the eyes.  But injecting botox into the muscles around your eyes, you can prevent the skin from being pulled, hence won't give you the appearance of wrinkles. 

Botox manufacturer Allergan recommends 24 units (6 injections per eye) for optimal results. However, a single Botox unit is strong so beginners should start conservatively with 10 units instead. We carry multiple offerings for Botox with various tissue distribution and price range to better customize your treatment for you. More info on our Botox here. 

How Fillers Can Be Used To Treat Your Crow's Feet

Fillers are also biological compounds that can also be used to add volume below wrinkles to push up the troughs so the wrinkles disappear, or at least appear less deep.

In soft-tissue filler therapy, a dermal filler – such as Juvederm, or Sculptra is injected directly into crow's feet with a very small needle to improve the skin's appearance.

We carry various fillers that are designed to fill different areas so we can better customize your treatment as well. More info on our Fillers here. 


The Newer Way to Treat Your Crow's Feet is with Opus Plasma Radio Frequency

Alma Opus Plasma - the new wrinkle removerThis is the new way to instantly remove your wrinkles and saggy extra skin while leaving a more natural look than Botox and Fillers. 

Opus is the latest in plasma technology. It uses plasma energy to sublimate and remove 10%-20% of your skin in wrinkled areas with each treatment, hence allowing your remaining skin to lie more flat.

This is done in office with NO Surgery, and requires only topical anesthetics.  It is all natural, no substance will be added to your face tissues, only excess skin will be removed.

It can be used on all skin types with no bleeding or bruising, hence minimal downtime.

It also has radiofrequency added to help skin rejuvenation by inducing fibroblasts to make more collagen, thus enhancing what fillers are attempting to do with your crow's feet treatment.


Crow's Feet Treatment with the Opus Plasma


Spot Treatment of Crow's Feet with Opus Plasma is very affordable and will reduce the need for future Botox and fillers.


This client did the Total Eye Package with Opus Plasma.  She didn't want Botox or fillers and Crow's Feet wrinkles are much better.  She will need another treatment of the upper lid to bring that triple lid back to a double lid, and the hooded upper lids are treated all without surgery.

For More Opus Plasma Info, Read Here


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