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What do you do when "Diet and Exercise" have failed you?


If you have hit a wall with the diet and exercise routine and need an extra boost to get that slimmed down shape you're looking for, then you need to take advantage of some cutting edge medical technology to take it to the next step.

At Allure Aesthetics we help you slim down without the need for surgery.  For a monthly subscription, you now have access to the most potent tools to help you slim down your troubled spot, be it your

  • waist line
  • upper arms
  • buttocks
  • or thighs

You tell us your troubled spot, and we'll help you trim it down!


1. First You're Going To Target Your Subcutaneous Fat with InMode's Evolve Machine

You can use InMode to take inches off your abdomen, buttocks, or thighs, or upper arms. 

We have been using InMode's Evolve machine for 4 years to help our clients melt away their excess fat.  In 2022, the technology got even better with their new TransformX probe. 

InMode EVOLVE is the only FDA-approved hands-free non-surgical treatment for skin and subdermal fat, and for muscle tone improvement. It delivers RF energy and electromagnetic pulses to remodel large body areas, and improves the appearance of your skin.

 This machine is intense!

  • It uses radiofrequency (RF) to destabilize the fat cell membranes
  • Then the electrical terminal zaps the fatty tissue with pulses of electricity which breaks up the cell membranes to mobilize the stored fat.
  • Next, it stimulates your surrounding muscles to contract to increase energy demand, which induces fat burning locally. 
  • This is much more effective then you trying to do sit-ups or planking to try to burn fat in those areas.  
  • We can adjust how intense you want the sessions to be, limited only by your discomfort and how quickly you get muscle fatigue and need to slow down!
  • you can trim off inches from your abdomen, buttocks, thighs, or upper arms within weeks.

InMode recommends for you to get 6 sessions for each body part to see the best results.  


 2. Next You're Going to Target Your Intra-Abdominal Fat (Visceral Fat)


This is the fat that has been deposited around inside your abdomen, all around your intestines, causing fatty liver and other health problems.  If your abdomen is always distended, likely you have built up a large amount of visceral fat.

This fat is very stubborn and hard to get rid of because you cannot exercise the muscles around this fat to get it to burn!

You will need some special weapons to target this fat.  Lipo-C injections provide your body with extra stimulants to target burning that stubborn intra-abdominal fat. These vitamins have also been shown to reduce fatty liver, and reduce abdominal bloating. As it burns off the fat, it will also release energy to help reduce fatigue and enhance any exercise regimen you have. 

What is in the Lipo-C injections?

  • Methionine:  Without enough methionine, you can develop fatty liver and body edema. 
  • Choline: This essential nutrient may be able to reduce fatty liver and abdominal fat buildup.
  • Inositol: Helps clean the liver of unwanted fat buildup. It immobilizes stored fat so that body tissues can use it for energy instead. It also reduces cholesterol levels.
  • Carnitine: helps metabolize abdominal fat storage to release energy so it helps fight fatigue as well.


3. Add Vitamin B-12 Injections for Energy/Metabolism Boost to Enhance Your Workouts

vitamin B12 injections

Vitamin B-12 (Cyanocobalamin) have been an integral part of most weight loss programs.  It can boost your energy and enhance your exercise plans.

If you have gastroenterology problems or have had gastric bypass, you may be low on B-12.  With a verified vitamin B-12 deficiency, your health insurance will usually cover the cost of your injections.

Oral B-12 supplements do not absorb as well, so the injections have higher bioavailability and will give you a lot more energy so you can work out harder to lose weight.  It also reduces mental stress.


Body Slimming Packages Available

You can now get all 3 fat burning treatments in one visit.  Save time and money with a subscription:

That's right.  With each visit to Allure Aesthetics, you will get:

  • 1 Lipo-B or Lipo-C metabolic boost injection to target your visceral fat
  • 1 Vitamin B-12 shot for energy to enhance the fat burning workouts
  • 30 minute session with the InMode TRIM machine.  You get to pick your target area each time to target your stubborn subcutaneous fat:
    1. Your abdomen
    2. Your buttocks
    3. Your Upper arms
    4. Your thighs
  • You also get to choose which probe you want to use each time:
    • Tite Probe - will tighten loose skin
    • Tone Probe - will work out your abdominal rectus muscles to bring back your 6 pack that is buried beneath the fat.
    • Trim Probe - will zap your subcutaneous fat cells to get rid of them
    • TransformX Probe - combine all 3 probes at once for best results.

Subscription Package 1:  $99/month

1 30-minute Fat-blasting session to per month


Subscription Package 2: $175/month

Two 30-minute Fast-blasting sessions per month


Subscription Package 3: $250/month

Three 30-minute Fat-Blasting sessions per month


Subscription Package 4: $325/month

Four 30-minute Fat-Blasting sessions per month


Subscription Package 5 (Ultimate): $499/month

Eight 30-minute Fat-Blasting sessions per month


 Only $75 Online Special

(Regular $99)

Compare to $199-$299 at the Dental Office


You must pre-order your session here to get this online special. If you call the office without pre-ordering you will get the Regular Office Price of $99


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